A Bit About Me

Who am I and what will this blog be about?

My name is Adrianna Benavides. I am an aspiring author who is hoping to make it in the Young Adult and New Adult genre. I mostly write fantasy and cannot wait to share my work with the world!

This blog is something I have thought about doing for a very long time. I want to share my experiences both good and bad from beginning to end. I am excited to share it with everyone.

Why Do a Blog Like This?

  • To interact with other writers
  • To share my work in an environment that I can control
  • To grow an audience for my works
  • To share my experience as I venture into the unknown of life as an aspiring author

Some Things About Me

  • I am a Wisconsin native
  • I am currently a student working towards my BA in English Lit with a base in Creative Writing-Fiction
  • I have been nervous about starting this blog and sharing my work, but I am finally ready to do so.

Hopes, Dreams, Goals, Successes, and Failures

I hope this blog will continue to help me grow as a writer, and I hope it will continue to help me move forward with my dreams.

My dreams are to share my stories with the world. If they reach even one person that would make me extremely happy.

My goal is to share one short story a week minimum, as well as a personal update about my struggles, goals, accomplishments, and dreams. I would like to share my failures and setbacks because everyone has them. I want to share any tips I can for other writers to help them like others have helped me.

Find Me!

You can find me on Instagram as abenavides_writing

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