Music and Writing

There is something beautiful about the flow that goes from hearing a song and transitioning it onto paper with new words and a new story. There is not just one type of music that anyone should listen to when they write. Everything is going to pull a feeling from somewhere.

I have about twenty different playlists saved on Spotify. They are all different types of music and they find different parts of me that sometimes I don’t think I can find otherwise. I hear a song and it ties to memories. Ones that I don’t think about on a daily basis.

Music is simply a different kind of magic.

I always have something on in the background. It is always tied to my mood. (Or the mood I am trying to find myself in).

There is just something that works between music and writing that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

My number one thing to tell people who ask me what I need to be doing when I write is not lighting candles (I do this too… but mostly to try to find my writing zen zone), it isn’t sitting alone in a quiet room (I have tried it and let me tell you… I am more annoyed at silence than background noise), it IS to find the write music to match my mood. Matching my music to my mood helps everything just fall out and onto the paper.

What is your favorite music to write to? What playlists do you listen to? I love hearing new stuff and love hearing what inspires others.


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