Class, My Blog, and Coming to the Blog Soon!

The best part about this semester is that I get to do some work on my blog itself. I am making some changes for the better on here. You might notice the new menu that allows you to click and head on over to my Instagram or my brand new Twitter page! So, please bear with me as these adjustments get made.

I decided I wanted to separate out my author bio as well. I wanted to give access to a page that would solely let you get to know me a little bit better. I am working on the layout and, while I have done a very recent update, I will be making more adjustments soon.

I am also going to start posting on a page strictly for my works that are in progress. This will include all of the series I have been working on and outlining for both Young Adult and New Adult. I want to start sharing my big projects with you, not just the short stories. The short stories will still make appearances, but I feel it is time for some growth. I have enjoyed sharing each new short story with you because I can see myself growing as a writer with each new piece. I hope you have been enjoying them as well.

On top of the posts here I will be more active on my Instagram and Twitter. I am always up for questions and comments on anything you see or read.


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