For Yourself Friday

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing. If you don’t take care of yourself how will you take care of everything else in your life? I put everything and everyone else first for so long that I started to fall apart. I got to the point where I couldn’t even write because nothing felt like I could connect to it. I started finding things that would build my happiness and improve my mental and physical health.

Workouts and eating healthier were the first things I started doing. I was almost a hundred pounds heavier a year and a half ago. Now, my weight still fluctuates, but it is always close to the healthier numbers. I decided that waking up in the morning and diving into the physical activity was a good mood booster. It doesn’t have to be a workout. I might go for a walk or hike right away as well. Anything that I can feel physically benefiting me.

Doing face masks, facials, even putting makeup on some days just to spend some time on me. Relaxing time that is. This is another thing that makes me feel better in just a few minutes. It also goes good with a glass of wine.

Journaling is different. I do this to let out everything from the day. Good, bad, and ugly. It is different from writing my blogs or stories. This is freeing in a different way, mentally of course. We all have baggage. We just need a way to tell someone. Even if you’re just writing it down and telling yourself via journal what you are exactly feeling.

Listening to music and dancing around like no one is watching. While physically beneficial it is all about making yourself smile and let it out in a fun way. It doesn’t matter how you look, what you listen to, or who is or is not around. Just give it a shot. It’s worth it.

Reading. I won’t gush too much. We all know I absolutely love books. This is an escape that was written and creates a gift for my mind. It takes me out of the horrors of reality and into an entirely different place. With or without wine… I am always up for this form of self-care.

Puzzles help me direct my focus away from everything else. Building them piece by piece to completion is a wonderful process. I start with the outside and work my way in. Kind of like I do with my writing. Having something to hard focus on helps when my anxiety is high and I don’t want to let it take over.

Talking to family. Simply said no one makes me laugh, cry, yell, or put it all out there like they do. Without them I would not be as strong or sane as I am today.

Yoga. Feeling my body release the stress I am holding in from top to bottom… it is amazing and beautiful to feel every bit of your own body cooperate muscle by muscle is therapeutic.

Take care of yourself, and don’t let your days be filled with the stress and anxiety that the world tries to bring to you.


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