Moving Forward

I have been telling myself time and again that I will blog every day, that I will write every single day, and that I will finish things without panicking and hitting the delete button. It is fair to say that I have not kept up with that. It hasn’t mattered how much I say it every day.

The truth of the matter is life has taken me for some crazy rides lately. I am still looking for that editing job. I am still staring at my blog and social media feeling like anything I post would not be up to my own standards. I am tired and a little behind my own physical health.

Mental and physical health have taken a toll on moving forward for me. I am going to start my goals over where both areas of my life are involved. I know it will be rough to force myself back into my healthy routine, but I need to stop letting myself sit in a rut.

This means new prompts of the day, new short stories I have been sitting on, and finishing the rest of the novel (without destroying full chapters as I go).

I have realized, slowly, that I can still work towards my financial goals while focusing on my mental and physical health. I do not need to put all my focus on one portion of this oddly triangular scale.

Let me know if there are any fun tricks you have all picked up for staying healthy and moving forward! I am always up for trying new things!


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