Courage in Words

This is the piece I submitted for my final story in my writer’s workshop. I wanted to do something completely new and totally different for me. I wanted to challenge myself. I hope everyone enjoys! -Adrianna Courage in Words Aiyana closed her eyes listening to the sound of people clinking glasses, and it was beautiful. […]

The Huntress and the Wolf

Well the prompt sparked a story! I might want to dig into these characters more and build on it, but for now this is a small part of their stories that I wanted to tell. I hope you all enjoy! –Adrianna The Huntress and the Wolf The images flashed rapidly of fire, snow, metal, and […]

Writing Exercise of the Day

I had a lot of fun with this one. I opened to a random page and I just went for it. I think I might have found another story idea to tackle. It might end up being my next short story! I would love to hear what everyone thinks! –Adrianna

Words of the Watcher

It has been a long and crazy two weeks where finals and work were concerned. I know that I was doing edits around one this morning so I hope I caught them all, but here it is. My next short piece. I hope you all enjoy it! -Adrianna Words of the Watcher There are days […]

Other Lives

I hope you all enjoy this short story! Adrianna Other Lives ‚ÄčThe snow was falling lightly in the village. As the girl looked out through the small window she smiled and listened for the waves of the sea below. Her grandfather was cooking stew in the kitchen for lunch to warm them on the cold […]

The Fountain in The Garden

This week has been a little rough. I hope you all enjoy. I really did like writing this piece. It just came to me line after line. I haven’t written anything that simply without thinking every little word in a very long time. –Adrianna The Fountain in The Garden Legend has it that in the […]