Prompt: 12/18/2019

“How did you know?” I asked, not sure I wanted the answer. I thought I had been careful. I thought no one would ever figure out it had been missing. I had been sure to measure it all out and put back the replica in the exact place. No one had been in or out while I was making the copy.

“For starters that box is an heirloom. I stare at it every day. I notice when there is a new chip on it.” I turned to try and assess what chip she was mentioning. “I also deal with computer programming consistently. I can tell when something isn’t my original drive.” Ali sat down in the large office chair and her deep brown eyes bore into my bright blue-gray ones. I felt as if she was trying to read my mind.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I leaned back against the old wooden bookshelves.

“The file. I need it back.” She straightened slightly as I let out a low whistle of air.

“See. I would if I knew what you were talking about.”

“Do not play stupid with me Naomi.” I felt a cat like grin grace my features.

“I’m not that good of an actor Ali. If something were missing one should head down to the Browning Facility and speak with Trevor Browning.” Ali slumped.

“Why?” She looked defeated.

“The boss pays well.” I went to walk out of the room and swiped the letter opener off the desk corner. I took a few steps to the door before she cleared her throat.

“Put it back.” I spun and let my arm feel the natural movements as it went hurtling back at her. The letter opener went into the chair almost an inch from her face. She gasped and when she went to look at the old gold piece I made a quick and cat like exit.

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