Tackling my Goals!

I have been keeping up with everything for the most part and I feel so good writing every day! Even if it has been just a little bit the last two days. I got hit with the flu and it wasn’t easy to keep up with my reading, but I got myself back on track with that.

I have stuck to my writing goals so far and even surprised myself with what I was willing to do to hit them. I found this determination and drive within myself the past week that I think was just waiting to be tapped into again. I have hit my goals where school is concerned and will continue to, but I want to carry this drive into the next semester. I think that will be my goal when these three personal challenge weeks are done.

Putting my writing first and my happiness as a priority is the best goal and challenge I could have done for myself this year.


If anyone has any goals for the future or goals that they have crushed this year and they would like to share I would love to hear them! I would love to celebrate those goals with you all! Even if you don’t feel like sharing I hope you still celebrate them! We all deserve to celebrate the successes in our lives no matter how big or how small!

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