Prompts to Stories

I wrote a prompt yesterday that sparked a short story. Well that short story has consumed my time today and has blown up into something other than a short story. I had no idea what type of thing I was walking into with this.

This has turned into an entire story set all of its own. I am excited as always to find a new love within my pieces, but I am also realizing how much I story jump. These prompts are amazing and sparking so many different pieces of my creativity. I will share a short story in the next day or two, but this was the highlight of my week.

The story is adding to my work load, but that only builds my excitement and lets me know I am going down the right path with following my dreams and finishing up school. I can handle all the work in the world if it means sharing it with everyone when it is finally finished.

I did work on my original series for a while today, but I needed to get this story bug sprawled out and written down on paper. The amount done was less than I thought I would do today, but it was still worth every page that got finished.


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