Finding the Balance Within My Writing

Writing is kind of like the game Topple I used to play as a kid. Except for I have a passion and love for the writing, and also I don’t want to crush my sibling horribly when I am writing.

After balancing out the show and tell of all the background detail there is a new balancing like round of Topple to play. You have to find the right mix of dialogue and surrounding information in direct correlation with the conversation/dialogue. (Still a form of show and tell by the way). The balance game with that is currently at a state of eighty percent of the pieces on the game board, you’re next, you do NOT want to lose to your sibling because winners absolutely hold the bragging rights that you so desperately want to hold onto, and this is it.

This is currently where I am at with my novel. I have the solid foundation. I have built up all the background that I need to know. I have done a lot of the red marks, and now I am fighting my way around the spoken words and the actions to support them. I know there are things that can be gone into great detail about, but I don’t want to lose the story. That’s where I let the dialogue speak. I want it to be more of an equal balance whereas if I am doing show don’t tell too much I feel like the characters lose their voice. The balance has been a true fight to navigate. No one likes when one thing unravels it all. I also can’t let the balance go for what can be revealed in book one and what needs to wait until book two. (The dreaded game within a game)

I want the dialogue to be real and authentic, but I don’t want to lose the characters or the part of the story that is uniquely me by making the cuts and having everything topple out of place. I want to deliver a piece that feels just like that. I hope now that I have some free time I can build it up more so I can begin sharing fun bits and pieces with you all.

I hope everyone can find their own balance in whatever they love!


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