Getting In Touch With Other Authors

I have been asked a few times recently about how to get in touch with other authors and people in the field by some fellow students. I felt like this would be a good time to cover that for anyone who would like some tips and tricks I have picked up.

Hashtags: I use hashtags on my social media accounts. They are a great way to see who is interested in the same things you are. These little gems are a powerful tool.

Writing Groups: Facebook has many groups for writers. These groups will vary based on what you are writing (Fiction, non-fiction, etc.) and are easy to find. Always look for your school’s writing group as well. I also follow a bunch of book lover pages, but my favorite writing groups are:

Authors and Writers Helping Each Other Grow

I’m a Writer and Guess What I’m Doing? Hint: Not Writing

Beta Readers

Creative Fiction Writing

Writing, Prompts & Critiques

Once Upon a Writer

Freelance Writing Jobs

Don’t be scared to follow your favorites! I follow my favorite authors, publishing houses, and a few agents that I have found an interest in. I am still searching for more agents, but the literary agencies have pages as well! It is okay to keep up with what they are looking for and how they are progressing. It helps to know what you are looking for in hopes of being an author or what kind of company you want to work for in general. So, go find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Do your research just like they do theirs!

Scribbler! I stumbled upon the most amazing box in the world for writers! The box always comes with a book and autograph, tools from the authors, opportunities to do live chats with agents and editors, a look inside the publishing process, and awesome gifts. I have not made it to every chat, but I try. The box is not expensive and well worth it for what you are getting each month! You do not even need to get every month if you do not feel it is something you need to learn about or work on. The founders are published authors themselves so they understand the process. I have talked to some of the authors via Instagram after reading their work, and enjoyed receiving advise and insight into the world of literature. You can take a look yourself at or check out their Instagram @goscribbler They do have a book club as well on Facebook!

Send an e-mail or a message: If you have questions about any part of the process there are always people to ask. I have found a lot of those established in the field are friendly and willing to help. There were so many questions before I started this journey and I made phone calls, did interviews, and sent small chats. It helped me find the path I want to end up on.

Conventions/Conferences! They are an amazing opportunity to give out elevator pitches and do meet and greets in person. I was going to try to get to a few, but for obvious reasons that did not happen. I am hoping to make my way to a few of them as soon as possible!

While no plan ever goes perfectly, if you put in the work you get there one way or another. Reach out. Send the message. Use the hashtags. Join the groups. Spend a little to make even more connections. Whatever it takes to make your dreams come true is worth it.


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