Being Sent on a Different Path Than You Plan

This last week has been eye opening. I had a change in course education wise, I did not get the house that my friends and I originally wanted, but we did get the house of our renting dreams. I experienced many what just happened moments and moments that made me want to scream.

I gave myself a twenty-four hour period to eat my frozen yogurt, watch Hocus Pocus and other Halloween favorites, and be sad. After that twenty-four hours I got back up, dusted myself off, and asked a million questions about how I can make all of my goals and dreams happen.

I will not give up my eventual goal. I will not stray too far from the path.

I will find the silver lining and make this education shift a priority. I will work just as hard and with just as much determination. I will continue to share my journey. I will find the reasons to smile when things go of course because it happens for a reason. Right?

I will still write.


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