November is Here, and so are the November Goals!

This month I am highly determined to hit a few goals. I have thought long and hard about how I would approach each of them and make sure they are reached. I am excited to share what November has in store for me.

One: My first dive into NaNoWriMo!

This one has been something I have contemplated for years! I finally decided it was time. I have the 50,000 word goal they have set and added a personal 25,000 onto that goal just for me. I am making sure to write a little at the least every day. It is an awesome experience that has connected me to a lot of other writers so far just in the past few days!

Two: Reading Goals are Back in Business!

I have this entire month to get some free reads in! I have finally graduated and caught a break between degrees! This means I can read all of the things and actually enjoy them! (There are many exclamation points because the excitement is real!) It has been close to a year since I have done a free read just for myself. My goal is 10-15 this month.

To go with the free reads I will also be doing some research reading for my projects. I am one of those weird people who enjoys the research that goes with the writing. I will be reading through as many as I can. So, while doing the research is a goal how much is not set in stone.

Three: Book Reviews are Coming!

I love reading other’s thoughts on books, poems, short stories, movies, music, and everything else. It gives you a point of view you might not have grabbed before. This is why I decided to set up a page, that is currently not up yet, dedicated to what I am reading and my thoughts. I promise not to drop all of the spoilers, or any. I do hope to share what I love reading with everyone. If it sparks a conversation about other’s thoughts that will be amazing as well!

Four: Social Media and My Blog

I want to be more active and interact more with everyone across all of my accounts. Simple goal, but a big one for me.

Other Non-Website or Writing Related Goals

-Get everything set for my masters degree.

-Get a new car. (Finally… Hopefully).

-Draw more.

-Cook more.

-Take more photos.

Those are my goals big and small. I would love to see everyone else’s!


One response to “November is Here, and so are the November Goals!”

  1. I have very similar November goals: NaNoWriMo, read 6 books (of the infinite pile that never shrinks), blog about NaNoWriMo, get into an exercise schedule, be more active on social media (this has resulted in my staying up until 3:00AM tryna make friends with other writers on Instagram), and embark on a job hunt! Good luck on your goals, Adrianna! You can do this!

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