Crown of Shards Novels: Book Review

Scribbler has introduced me to many books over the past year and a half. The Crown of Shards novels were some of my absolute favorite amongst them. They sent the first one, Kill the Queen, and I had to have the other two!

Binge worthy!

The series is unique and the world that Jennifer Estep created is wonderful to fall into. The characters are captivating, the powers are never what you think they are, and the twists and turns will keep you reading from the beginning of the series to the end!

Meeting Everleigh for the first time you get pulled into the struggle she has endured and the reality of life behind the crown. As she makes her way to the Black Swan troupe and into the life of a gladiator we see what finding your inner strength truly means. She grows in unexpected ways and avenges her fallen family. The battles she fights and the enemies she faces through the pages of these novels are never what or how you expect them to be fought. The allies she makes and how she makes them are entertaining to say the least in her quest to save and lead a kingdom.

Estep worked her magic in the intricacies. I laughed with these books. I cringed when Evie cringed. I felt pure emotion at her losses and her wins. Feeling all of this and taking this journey only makes me want to dive into her “The Mythos Academy Series” next!

This book is perfect for lovers of New Adult Fiction!

You will love the characters!

These books will leave you wanting more!

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