Her Final Words: Book Review

Captivating, suspenseful, and an amazing all at once binge read!

The suspense starts and does not stop in Her Final Words by Brianna Lubuskes. This mystery is looked at from multiple points of view giving the reader all the clues, and yet it never gives away the ending! This book is the true meaning of keeps you guessing.

Set in a small Idaho town called Knox Hollow where a religious cult has a deep hold we start the novel seeing just the start of the darkness hidden behind the scenes. With one kid dead, one missing, and another confessing to FBI agent Lucy Thorne we question if what we see written on the page is as simple as we think it will be. The mystery only grows as we meet the people of the town following the intense journey of Molly, Eiza, Sheriff Hicks, and Lucy Thorne. The characters end up having unexpected connections only adding to the mystery as well.

This book kept me hooked from start to finish! I enjoyed learning about agent Thorne as the story progressed instead of having it all thrown into the beginning. The different perspectives kept the story moving at a quick and easy to read pace.

Her Final Words is an absolute must if you love to read mystery and suspense novels!

Since finishing this novel I have added more novels by Labuskes to my Amazon wishlist and cart! I am always up for reading a good suspense novel and mystery novel and this one left me wanting more!

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