My First Semester as a Grad Student!

I have gone into my education with my eyes open and fully aware that it would be a lot of work. My Bachelor’s degree was absolutely that. This first semester seems like the perfect way to ease myself into my graduate program. I really enjoy that I get to pick the novels I work with this semester!

For my first class I have Studying the Craft. I picked two books that I have watched the movies for, but I have not read the books. That in itself is a rarity as I usually HAVE to read the books first.

Book One:
The GiverNow I feel really embarrassed to admit never having read this piece. It is an easy read, as are the other three books in the series, I just have yet to take the time. I am really excited to dive past what I have seen onscreen and get the entire story. (I find movies usually miss a lot.)
Book Two:
Fahrenheit 451I mean… who didn’t watch the movie to see Michael B. Jordan on their TV screens? However, this piece is the other that I have not read the book but watched the movie. (This is me hiding behind the book so that no one can see me cringing at myself.) I have had this on my TBR pile for so long I am glad to use this chance to dive in!

My second class is Grad Studies in English Language. Now let me be very clear on something with this class, I love studying linguistics. It is a really cool way to look at everything you read and write. However, the textbook reading can be… a lot. The main reading I need to do outside of the textbook is where we pick an author, we pick three of their novels, and we look at how the English language is used within them. I made the only clear choice that I could for differences in dialect.

Book One:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneThis is where we get introduced to a number of characters. Each character has their own voice represented within the dialect written for them. The unique separation of each voice is why I want to start at the beginning.
Book Two:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireWith this novel choice I selected it because of the introduction of other schools. They still speak the English language, but it is used differently due to where the characters are from. I wanted to pick vast and wise choices on who to focus on while looking at the linguistic aspect.
Book Three:
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsI started at the beginning, mad a stop in the middle, and decided that I needed to end it with the last book. It was a harder decision for me not to go with, unpopular opinion coming, my favorite Order of the Phoenix. I just felt like a final dive in and a look at some not so commonly discussed characters was the better way to go.

I realize that some of these are hefty reads, but I have done most of them in short periods of time before and I know I can do it again. Also, audio books. The reading and writing will be a lot throughout this degree and I know that, but I am glad I get to start with new and favorite reads not just all textbook work.

This does make me wonder about which books others might pick from the series to read. I would be interested to know which ones and why they made those choices.


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