The First Time I Tried NaNoWriMo

Not to say I flopped the entire process, but I did not get the official wordcount in. I had about 60,000 words typed in my first draft. I only counted in the edited and official words. I hit about 24,000. In total, if I would have slapped the last pages in, I had around 64,000.
Technically I hit it.
In reality I might have gotten a little too OCD about my story.
The website and process in general.
I enjoyed the ease of the process. The setup was wonderful for a first time user. Everything was very simple to understand for a user of any degree to be honest. I got to connect with other writers and see how others handled the process. It was easy to navigate my own time and my own goals. The badges gave a little extra incentive to fight for. Even if I did not hit my whole goals they let me know I was still doing work everyday and it was okay. As long as I wrote, it was a good day.
Will I do NaNoWriMo again?
Yes. I loved being pushed. I loved learning what works and what doesn’t work for me. I feel if I gave up after just one try I would not be putting my best foot forward with my career or simply with my own time.
Would I recommend NaNoWriMo?
Yes. I would say at least give it a try. It is a good way to look at your writing process and make adjustments.


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