Fahrenheit 451: Book Review

I decided to read this piece as a class assignment. Now, I have never read it before. I have heard wonderful things about Ray Bradbury’s classic piece, and I have seen the movie counterpart. I wanted to review it and share my thoughts because I would like to get some other takes on this piece.

We start out with this fireman Guy Montag, sounds simple enough, but firemen are not the same in the book as they are in reality. They burn literature. The written word is deemed illegal! One day he meets a girl, Clarisse, and begins to question his job and his life. He questions everything really. This leads him on a path that no one could see coming.

First, I want to be clear I love the idea of the story it makes me think and question a lot.

Second, who comes up with a novel about burning novels? That alone is fantastic. How would the message be spread about the importance of the written word if the written word is never read?

Third, I truly hate the wife, Mildred. She made me cringe while I read about her and made my way through her dialogue.

All that being said I loved how Bradbury pieced this classic novel together. I do not think it could have been written by anyone else and still have the same level of brilliance behind it. It is truly a masterpiece and I am very glad I decided to read it.

This book is one that will make you think endlessly. It will leave you with just as many questions as it will answers, but it will have you feeling as if you have completed a journey at the same time. Pieces that can do that are extremely rare. Bradbury brought me into the world of Fahrenheit 451, and I could not pull myself away.

Now, I have some questions.
What would I even be doing without literature in my life?
What would you be doing?
Books have saved me time and again, so would I even be the same person if I did not have them?
Would you be the same person without books, or at least your favorite book?
What would our world be without the use of literature in education?


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