Girls of Glass: Book Review

Brianna Labuskes delivers again with Girls of Glass! Her mysteries just keep you guessing beginning to end!

I was hooked by the female leads and the intense mystery surrounding the Burke family. When young Ruby Burke is kidnapped the Burke’s world is turned upside down. The press, the police, and the turmoil within comes to the surface. Detective Alice Garner is new to town and the case after facing her own tragic loss. She is very intense and outspoken where the Burke women are held back and reserved. She works the case with focus and drive while towing the company line of, “I’m fine.” Things become entangled as the mystery deepens and unfolds to a very unforeseen ending, and the truth about little Ruby Burke’s disappearance.

Nothing is as it seems.

This piece is another one that switches perspectives to keep the mystery going. It is done in separate timelines so the reader gets all the information at just the right moment filling in all of the blanks. It is done brilliantly and keeps the pages turning. This book is not only binge worthy, it is “grab your wine and a good snack so you do not have to move until you are done” worthy!

The female leads in any Brianna Labuskes novel are impressive to say the least, and they are created to make you feel everything they feel. They take you on the journey not keep you outside looking in. The grittiness she brings to the table in Girls of Glass is only more telling of what stories she could still have up her sleeve for us in the future!

If mysteries, kick ass female leads, organic character chemistry, and awesome stories that hook you in and make you want more are your thing give any Brianna Labuskes novel a try! I started with Her Final Words and was not disappointed! This was the perfect follow up read that was recommended by Brianna Labuskes herself!

Get the chance and enjoy it! I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on this piece!


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