All of the Updates!

Works in Progress on the way!

I spent last semester pitching my NA Greek Mythology series to my class, and it went amazing! Everyone gave me helpful feedback exactly where I needed it, and my professor was phenomenal! My characters started to flourish with the extra guidance in their own rights, my outline became more than just the bare bones, and I got a deeper dive into one of my personal favorite subjects to study. I am excited to continue this project and will have very exciting news to share with everyone as this piece continues to progress!

I am heading back into the Prompt of the Day pieces! I have been wanting to start doing those again for a while, and I finally feel ready for it.

I have a book review on the way tonight! It is a series worthy of the best binging that I have done in a long time!

I also have an update on my phenomenal ten books in ten days on the way as well!

I will be posting again real soon everyone! Keep your eyes peeled!


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