The Folk of the Air Trilogy: Book Review

Dynamic characters, intense action, the fine line between love and hate, and a story so amazing that you cannot simply put it down and take a break! That is what Holly Black offers you in this trilogy!

From the first time we meet Jude on page we see the darkness she is up against. Her life shifts from normal to anything but normal so fast it makes her head spin. Being mortal and dragged to grow up surrounded by immortals is anything but ideal. Her struggle to find her own way is extremely detrimental to her survival and success. Her sisters are both on opposite sides of which life to follow, the mortal life or immortal, and this brings an internal struggle to the front for her. We get to read and feel through this struggle with her along the way as the battle for the crown becomes real.

Holly Black has gifted us all with this series. Her characters, world and storyline are phenomenal! My big piece of advice when diving in is to make sure you have the entire trilogy on hand! It was the read I did not know I needed, but I am glad that it found me on a Barnes & Noble shelf! I took this literary journey with my cousin and we kept texting all the way from start to finish!

Keep snacks, wine, and maybe a book buddy to text, on hand when entering the magical world of The Folk of the Air!


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