Entering the World of Editorial Work and Writing

When we last talked, okay I rambled and you all read, I was still struggling… needless to say I still kind of am, but I have finally been getting responses! Even a rejection is better than no communication at all. I am all for slow progress over no progress when it comes to following my dreams.

I have put my resume out there for entry level positions, internships, some more advanced level positions, and editorial offers and positions of all kinds. I am waiting to hear from a good handful still, and I have received some positive motion and am doing test edits for the others!

I can honestly say I will do whatever it takes to be in the position to be an editor. I intend to continue writing my novels, my short stories and my blog for as long as I am capable, but I want to be an editor more than anything. I want to edit because I want to help other authors the same way that I have been helped for the past few years. To be a part of an author’s journey is an exciting prospect for me!

So, while there is little movement, there is still movement.

I will continue to be persistent and honest about who I am and why I want to follow these dreams. It might take longer than anticipated, but I am willing to be patient for the right thing to come along.

For now, I am taking on some freelance editing on the side in hopes of still helping authors on their journey. If there is anyone reading who would like some editing, advice, or beta reading feel free to message me! I am always open for conversation and to help others!

Much love everyone!


One thought on “Entering the World of Editorial Work and Writing

  1. That’s interesting. I’ve always been on the writing side of the publishing industry, and I wonder if I’ll be a fiction editor someday. Already edit for my day job in non-fiction (magazine). Wishing you all the best with your applications!

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