So, I Made a Deal With the Devil’s Daughter, and Her Story is Being Written!

Devia has been going through it folks! She has left hell only to find that there is a different type of hell here on the surface. She has come to this realization through war, lies, deception, and a whole lot of blood.

I am in the midst of rewriting the ending for book one!

I had an original idea, but something felt like it was missing. About two months ago an idea hit me like a copy of War and Peace to the head. I then went in and made a bunch of cuts and beefed up the story where it needed, while cutting out some pieces that I could do without. This new ending had me shaking with excitment when I outlined it! This is what I needed to get ready for book two!

I dove into Pinterest boards and found all the coolest things to give me a more visual idea of each character and their powers. I read more stories to find the characters that were not covered. I wrote down some things I observed while sitting in coffee shops and stores. Everything is paying off in a beautiful new light!

I have a few more character’s inner monologues to release for you all very soon!

I hope you are as excited as I am!


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