Prompt: 4/4/23

“You could lose everything!”

“I already have?” The truth of my words brought the room to a suffocating standstill. I felt my skin go from hot and alive to cold and numb looking around me at the blood on the walls.

“I am standing right here. I haven’t left you.” Alexi’s words hung between us with a weight I no longer wished to feel.

“You will.” I stepped over the body and gave a sniff of disgust. “If you want you can just go now. Save us the time.” I kept walking towards the door feeling his eyes burn into my back. When I started opening it he reached over my head and slammed it closed. I felt his warmth trying to reach me. I shook the want out of me.

“This conversation isn’t over.” His words tickled against my ear.

“It was over before it began,” I turned and threw him across the room, “and I would appreciate it staying that way.”

I walked out and slammed the door shut with him inside. The air kissed the cold I felt and let me drown in it. I felt like everything I needed to worry about, everything I could possibly fear, and all I had to keep me angry enough to finish this was locked up tight. I could let every single emotion out on my enemies.

The doctors turned me into an experiment.

They so generously gave me the unique talent to work with more of my brain than any other human.

They lovingly bestowed upon me strength I have never known.

They promised me that the money and time would be worth it.

They spoke beautiful words telling me my family would be safe while I was away.

They lied.

For that lie I would burn every single one of them to the ground.

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