The Problem With Being a Writer While Watching Shows

I was watching a show and saw a character who had one line in an episode. It was a one word line. However, after this seemingly random character, who legitimately had no name, walked off screen I zoned out. I started creating this entire story of her and the other ghost like characters walking around in the back. Were their stories ones that should have been told?

I thought so.

This means I basically built a world in my mind of who she was, where she was from, why she was asked that one question, and which background character she was… involved with.

I did decide she was a total badass that was necessary for everyone’s story, but they just didn’t know it. She was involved in a twisted love square ordeal. She was infiltrating the main character’s friend group in the background. There was a whole duplicity story. There was also a secret affair with one of the main characters that brought her love life to an explosive result.

Next thing I knew I was an episode or two deep not paying attention to the main storyline.

Needless to say, I had to go all the way back to the scene she was in and go from there.

The brain of a writer watching shows is interesting to say the least.

To my family… you’re welcome. Now you know the entire off screen drama of a background character that you couldn’t care about. I also bet that none of you would have thought of that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday, or a lazy one like me, surrounded by loved ones.


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